[2022/12/19] big exam day

In the morning, I woke up at 8 to get ready for my presentation at 8:30 with AT and BW. In our presentation, we talked about the dashboard that we designed for managers to report and track Indego’s performance. We spent a lot of time working on it and pointed out many details that were “off” to make sure that our dashboard was at its best quality. But we had fun, too, or at least I did because I enjoyed doing this and it’s more stress-relived than stress-induced like the accounting exam, which I had to take at 2:30 PM today. Attached is our presentation and here is our dashboard in case you’re curious.

So yeh, at 2, I showed up outside of my exam room, but no one was there and the previous exam was going on. I spent about 20 minutes re-reading my notes. Still, I didn’t feel confident or capable enough to take this exam. I was the last person to walk out of the room. I also realized that I did at least one open-ended question wrong because I reported financial advantage, while all my friends showed financial disadvantages as their answers.

After these exams, I took the shuttle to my friend’s house in Bryn Mawr to have hotpot with VSA. I invited KF to come over as well. He helped us a lot, like buying table clothes so we don’t have to sit bare-ass on the floor and getting the forgotten beef aka the main dish of the hotpot. The hotpot broth was extremely delicious; it was the same OG recipe by BAN (tomatoes, pineapple, and coconut milk). I think I will miss this so much in the future when I graduate and live far away from Villanova!

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