[2022/12/20] spent all day writing one paper

It was my second one out of two papers that I had to write for my History Final. The topic was how mass society contribute to changes in attitude in America and the genocide in Germany. It picked this because initially I was interested in seeing the correlation between these two areas. After I finished writing it, which took a really really long time, I still didn’t regret this decision. The only issue was I used the wrong term for my entire essay – I wrote mass media instead of mass society. I mean it wasn’t completely wrong because these two terms are strongly linked to each other. Mass society is somewhat a result of mass media. But anyway, it was too late for me to change so I decided to just go with this instead.

In the evening, AK helped me proof-read my essays – both of them. He is in Florida right now and he was spending the whole day doing tree cutting and house renovations, so he was very tired by the time we met. I appreciate that he didn’t mind going through this boring work with me. Also, during the time that we proof-read it together, I notice that AK was very shy to say that I was wrong and I need to fix up some grammar/writing style or making the sentences more clear. He explained to me that he was more used to people criticizing his opinions and debating against him, rather than agreeing with him and praised him on that. I was quite surprised, actually, but I tried to tell him that his ideas are brilliant and everyone deserves to be respected when they voice their thoughts. Especially in this case, he was the second set of eyes that can identify issues that I can never find myself, since I have been writing and reading my work at least 3 times.

For dinner, I had HoneyGrow because I suddenly craved for it. I asked for my regular order, except that I added some cherry tomatoes this time. This was one of the best choices ever! The sour juicy taste of tomatoes made the egg noodles less oily and more rich and flavorful. I told AH about this order, hopefully to praise HoneyGrow. However, she asked if I could eat elsewhere because she really hated this place. Backstory, she used to work here for a while and they did a bad job at treating their employees right. Now that she doesn’t work there anymore, she actively tries to avoid it as best as she could. So, decided to not let her know about my order and quietly ate in the Idea Lab instead. It’s totally fine though, I respect AH and her story. I didn’t want her to feel traumatized just because of food, and hopefully she won’t have to go through this again in the future!

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