About Me

I’m a data lover, a doer, and an optimist. I grew up in Hanoi, eating my mom’s thịt kho tàu (caramelized pork and eggs) and learning perseverance from my dad.

Now I’m a senior at Villanova University, where I find my interest in data analytics as I major in Management Information Systems and Business Analytics and minor in AI/ML. At the same time, I learn to make the world a better place with a minor in Peace and Justice.

So far, my journey has been powered up with data visualization, data analytics, and programming skills. I treat them as languages and have been practicing them every week since college.

Outside school, I’m the President of Ascend Villanova; aiming to bring more opportunities to Pan-Asian students. I’m also on Special Olympics Committee, preparing for this year’s Fall Festival from November 4-6.

In my downtime, I love being outdoors, doing exercises, or making handicrafts. My proudest achievement is running half-marathons. I’m not the most competitive person, but I’m excited when my heart races fast.

Trang “Tee” Thao Nguyen

I’m open to collaborations & conversations about #data, #podcasts, #traveling, and #pangolins.

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