This part consists of everything I have done that involves technology. It could be a knowledge that helps improve technology, a project that teaches me about this field, or a concept that keeps my tech fire.

So far, I’m committed to do a #MakeoverMonday challenge every week, no matter how busy I get. If I have lots of free time, I will be creative and learn new tricks in Tableau to create and improve my visualization. However, if I’m packed, I will try to follow host Andy Kriebel’s visualization in #WatchMeViz or replicate beautiful vizs of other participants. I like to think of this challenge as a way to gain a new power – making meaningful conclusions out of chaotic numbers. If you are curious about the vizs that I have built so far, feel free to visit them here!

On top of that, I try to educate myself with news and novel applications in the tech industry as much as I can. Of course I can’t always do so while being in class, so I have picked another methods. For instance, I listen to podcasts, like Gadget Lab by Wired, or Tech News Briefing and The Journal by WSJ daily. This summer, as I have more time at home, I also familiarized myself with blockchain, front-end programming, and different data analytic tools to better understand this industry. I call myself a life-long learner and you are more than welcome to follow my learning journey outside Villanova here.

Kinda go along with the previous section, I also created another page to showcase some projected that I programmed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I also included my codes and some gifs to demonstrate how each project works. My codes probably need a lot of optimization, so I’m always open for suggestions from ya! You can check them out here.