[2022/12/18] exam break with KF

The reason why I have been working so hard for the past few days is that I knew that I wanted to dedicate my Sunday, actually more than half of it, to hang out with KF, especially when it was our 1-year and 15-month anniversary and we have not been with each other for a while!

When KF came in, he gifted me a Civivi pocket knife and tools. It was very well-made – good quality and compact enough for me to carry everywhere. He said he wanted to give me something practical that I would use every day because he loves me and he knew that I love him too. I love the gift so much. I think I will carry this often now, partly because it’s KF’s gift and partly because you never knew that you would need a knife and a toolkit with you, right?!

For dinner, we ate at Spasso (1 W State St, Media, PA 19063) because I was really craving for Italian food. KF got fettuccine pasta with mixed seafood and I got creamy pesto with salmon. KF’s food tasted like fresh seafood with salty seasoning and black pepper, while mine was super creamy and somewhat crunchy. Both of them were very good flavors – I would love to come back here and try more food! When we finished, KF left the waiter a very generous tip in ca$h to thank him for his exceptional service.

Overall, it was a much-needed exam break for me, but it was super great because I got to spend it with my favorite person on Earth KF!

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