Web Front-end Projects

I was grasping some new front-end knowledge with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Below are some mini projects that I worked on, either with my class or as my homework, to practice.

1. Cloning Facebook’s Sign-up Page

This is the first screen you’ll see if you first used Facebook. I was just practicing my HTML coding skills, so of course no backend work was included in here at all. That means you can click “Tạo tài khoản mới” (= Create a new account) and nothing will show up.

2. What To Do If Your Brain is Always todotodo ♪♪

This is a regular to-do list that allows you to keep track of your tasks, with basic functions, such as add, edit, delete tasks.

3. How Fast Can You Type?

This typing game is a great practice if you suddenly feel like you need to increase your typing speed to keep up with the deadlines. I included sign-up & sign-in functions as well as calculation formula to measure your WPM.

4. How Good Is Your Memory?

I usually call this game “Flipping the Card.” The idea is you try to flip and match these card together with as few steps and as quickly as possible.

5. How Lucky Are You?

Two players compete with each other by taking turn to role the dices. The first one to reach the target number (in this gif is 30) wins. When it’s their turn, they can role the dice as many times as they want. However, if one of their dices lands on 1, they will score 0 for that turn and the other player can go next.