#MakeoverMonday is a weekly challenge hosted by Andy Kreibel, who I look up to in the data visualization field, for his experience, work ethics, and straightforwardness.

The challenge helps me, a newbie, improve data visualization skills and master Tableau. I find a great pleasure and pride after spending hours creating my dashboard. Each visualization is a milestone in my learning journey. You can check out my profile on Tableau Public, which is a collection of the interactive versions of my graphs for Makeover Monday.

Happy analyzing!

2021 / Week 36

A comeback chart, inspired by @klaudiastano

2021 / Week 32

Alignment is probably the hardest part of a chart, especially when they are completely different on Tableau Public. @Datanath shared with me that he had to fix them separately all the time!

2021 / Week 31

I thought it would be a nice idea to make the graph look like a mountain

2021 / Week 30

Practiced my skill to create a Hexagon Map

2021 / Week 29

I focused on recreating this week’s chart instead of creating a new one.

2021 / Week 28

I tried to cramp way too much information here, so the dashboard looks a little too overwhelming…!

2021 / Week 27

Interesting idea and data set. However, in reality, America is a melting pot, so election results aren’t always this predictable.

2021 / Week 26

I know at least 5 people who have the same birthday as me, May 8, so it makes sense why that cell is pink.

2021 / Week 25

Tell me about an systematic issue without actually telling me about the issue.

2021 / Week 24

According to the latest statistics by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, collectively, students owe nearly $1.6 trillion to their colleges. But… where do these loans usually originate?

2021 / Week 23

No commitment is the new commitment. This chart shows:

2021 / Week 22

Single-used plastics are here to stay due to their convenience and inexpensiveness. Who are the market leaders behind this mass production? Just curious, do they ever feel unethical about their production plants? hmmm…

2021 / Week 21

How are wildlife population changing? The charts sheds a positive and accurate light to the conservation efforts.

2021 / Week 20

More males are confident of beating an animal in an unarmed fight than females!

I’m always open for feedback and data talk!