[2022/11/19] good stir fry, music, and anime

KF had a little eye injury yesterday, but he felt better when he woke up today, so he still drove to Villanova to see me. We did a little cleaning for the car. With KF’s help and tip, the car looks so much cleaner now! AP and LM even complimented it that it looked professionally cleaned! Below is a video that I recorded KF when he was showing me how my Huyndai Sonata works. This is for me to refer to when I do monthly check-ups on my car!

After that, we had dinner in Honey Grow. I had rice noodles with Italian sausage (their new protein), lots of herbs (parsley, onion, scallion, etc.), and coconut curry sauce. It reminded me of Vietnamese pho ga tron – looked like and tasted like one! Absolutely delicious. KF had his egg noodles and crispy chilly flakes. He really loved the chilly because it is the same brand that Chinese restaurants used. He said it was so impressive. At the end of the meal, we also ordered a cheesecake and a brownie. I really enjoy the light and creamy cheesecake. I would love to have it again next time!

Then, we rushed to the Performing Arts Center (Mullen) so we wouldn’t be late for Measure Up, Vocal Minority, and Minor Problem’s concert. My brother also joined us for the show and we had Parterre are, so we were able to see a sound technician at work. Besides that, I had fun seeing KJ and TN, one of my two besties on campus, performed. Song-wise, I enjoy As it Was by Minor Problem the most!

At night, KF and I watched Avatar: The Last Air Blender. I have heard so much about this series but I have never had a chance to watch it because I was not that interested in anime. However, KF suggested that we watched this today and I was so hooked. Each episode was only 20 minutes; I’m sure we’ll at least go through season 1 by the end of this break 😉

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