[2022/11/18] finally get my car!

Yes I finally did it!

The whole journey was really not easy, but I’m proud to say that I finally made it. I officially own my first valuable property ever – a 2009 Huyndai Sonata!

In the morning, I was a little emotional when I was borrowing the tools for the license plate process because I told ED and TN that I need to go through all this by myself and they kept making fun of me. Some of the jokes were kind of brutal and even negatively impacted my confidence, especially when I was already scared of driving back in the evening by myself.

Fortunately, AD texted me that she would be able to take me to Havertown, and would even be free in the evening for dinner. I was so happy and relieved! And it’s true. I think the whole process would really suck without her! She helped me start and set up my car, showed my some tricks, and was patient with my driving. Most importantly, we had so much fun talking and updating our lives to each other.

To thank her, I invited her to have Vietnamese food at Nam Phuong Bistro. We ordered salt and pepper tofu, beef and black pepper sauce, sweet and sour soup, and summer roll. I’m pretty sure her personal favorite was sweet and sour soup because it was a warm remedy for the chilly weather outside. She told me a ton of tea and I discovered her boyfriend type. She also sneak-peaked that she has a big event coming up, so I’m excited to check in with her next week to see how it went.

Enjoy some pictures AD took of me today!

Our delicious dinner!

Oh, and do you want to see my dad’s plants? It felt like spring was coming to our balcony at home -we had 10 kinds of flowers blooming.

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