[2022/11/2022] some news recently

Elon Musk has become the CEO of Twitter. Since then, he has gone viral with his method of operation. First, he laid off half of his company. Actually, his ex-employees might did that at will, because they responded to his email that they were not interested in working crazy hours at Twitter anymore. He also rolled out some check marks that allow users to verify their identity with 8 dollars a month. They didn’t have to show any paperwork, just pay their way in. That led to some crazy (and hilarious) stories, like Doja Cat’s or Eli Lilly’s free insulin scam, etc. Additionally, Twitter has also seen 500% increase in hate speech on its platform since Elon Musk took over. Many companies, including United, Pfizer, and GM, have left Twitter.

Taylor Swift fans were furious that they couldn’t buy tickets to Taylor’s concert because Ticket Master crashed during pre-sales round and privatized the whole platform after. They then called an investigation into Ticket Master and now demand the company to break up after realizing their monopoly position (Ticket Master acquired Live Nation recently).

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