[2022/11/17] Ascend event with Wendy Shang

It is one of those special days for Ascend because we have a workshop with Asian-American author Wendy Shang: Making Creativity Matter. We have been talking about and planning for it many months before the actual event – we ordered delicious Thai food from Mikaido, prepared raffle prizes, and worked with Wendy’s team carefully so the event could happen smoothly. The event had a great turnout – we filled 4 tables in East Lounge; everyone engaged attentively; people stayed to network with us and Wendy.

I am very proud of the Ascend E-board. I love to see how everyone worked together to promote and prepare before the event, then clean up after it; during the process, they engaged with lots of insightful questions. That indicates the fact that the event was actually beneficial for them, and not just busy work. I am so lucky to work with amazing people like this. I hope I will continue to have a great team like Ascend Eboard this year when I am in the actual working world!

Before the event, KJ and I also started the interview for Ascend E-board. I don’t think I’m allowed to say much, but overall I’m impressed to hear about everyone’s achievement and passion with Ascend, so I’m excited to welcome them to continue our legacy!

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