[2022/09/25] scents that I like

Over a few years of buying candles and body lotion, I think I have come to quite a solid idea of the smell I would like. It’s usually not constant and quite seasonal, but I am taking notes of them here anyway for my own memory.

  • Anything coconut, such as Waikiki Coconut (BBW), Coconut Beach (Yankee Candles), Jamlik (IKEA’s scented candle)
  • Sweet creamy scents, like vanilla, honey, milk, and shea butter. With that being said, you could probably guess that I do like Warm Sugar Vanilla (BBW), Coconut + Rice Milk + Shea Butter (Method. Body)
  • A few classier scents usually include sandalwood as one of the ingredients. My favorites are Restful Moon (BBW – discontinued) and In the Stars (BBW)
  • Anything eucalyptus and lemon grass when it comes to cleaning – my current candle is Eucalyptus and my family’s apartment back at home always smells like lemon grass after being cleaned.

I thought that I would like flowery scents, but turned out I really don’t as they could be too much sometimes. Most recently, I tried Steep Invirgortion (BBW), and I kind of despite it. I think I’m just not an orange person and flowers can smell too strange to me sometimes. The only flowery fragrance that I love is also my mom’s favorite: Dark Kiss (BBW); Rose (BBW) that CĐ used for a while was not a bad choice either. Probably because they are sweet and light.

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