[2022/09/26] ‘calendar not ca’lendar

That was an absolutely bizzarre fact that I discovered today. How did I know? Because TN walked into Ascend’s meeting asking me “hey, how do you say calendar” and I went “ca’lendar.” She then laughed like crazy while explaining to me that it’s supposed to be “‘calendar.” T, her boyfriend, told her that in their recent phone call.

Looking back at it, I think it made so much sense and was very consistent with my history of not being to identify the right stress syllable. This happened when I was in primary school all the time – the first question in every English exam was usually Odd One Out, where we would circle the word that is different either for their stress or pronunciation. I absolutely despised that exercise; I still do, because I almost never got 100% correct answers. This issue still carries on to these days, though I could say with confidence that I am almost a native speaker now, with a hint of accent. And it’s quite normal. Since, after all, my mother tongue is still Vietnamese and I have been trying my best to be fluent in English; so even if I make mistakes, I can always just fix it and carry on, sup sup soei :D.

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