[2022/09/24] my first IKEA experience

Still couldn’t believe that my first IKEA experience began with IKEA food. We came in at around 6 PM, which was exactly when they were about to close their restaurant services. Almost close = still open, so we took the opportunity and had a full IKEA dinner, which was absolutely delicious. I always heard the rumor that their meatballs are goddesses; I fully believe that now haha. The veggie nuggets were also not too bad either. I think it was mostly mushroom, but KF argued for soy. We still didn’t know.

The first floor was a showroom. I felt like we were walking from house to house, where everything was price tagged from top to bottom. I remember telling KF that being here made me want to have my own place, though I knew very well that expectations can be drastically different from reality.

The trip today was also our anniversary celebration. It was supposed to be last week, but I was so busy with different events that we must push it to this one. My gift for KF is 58 dollars of IKEA purchases, for he just got his new places and needed a lot of tiny stuff to better organize his rooms. He could get anything he liked, as long as they added up to 58. Why 58? Simply because that’s my birthday and it was an amount that I could actually afford. In the end, we spent a little over, but I was fine with that – as long as KF was happy. Money should always be secondary. Since I mentioned my gift to him, I might as well mention his to mine. They were dachshund slippers and dachshund earrings, as he knew I love this type of dog!

At night, after coming back from IKEA, we drank a little with MP, YN, PAN, and KV at the suite. I just recently knew KV and talked to him yesterday. Little did I realize that he was going back to California a few hours after that. If I were to know him sooner, I would hang out with him a bit more – he was nice, funny, and blended in well with VSA! KF and I then skated around Villanova, from the Commons to the Idea Lab. We even drilled some holes for the pot that I bought at IKEA so I can transfer my grown Baesil over in the next few days.

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