[2022/06/26] PRIDE day

I had a great time with BK, KJ, A, and PT today in New York, emerging ourselves into the PRIDE day vibe. I don’t love crowds and I’m not a fan of the heat waves, but when I thought to myself that I will not be doing this dumb broke thing when I’m 30 (or 40), I just had a great time. Also, you can’t believe how much funny free stuff I got there. Please remind me and I swear I will show you. Actually, I do want to tell KF though; he is the first one I thought of showing, but we’re on a break so I’ll postpone that for now.

Then, my phone died before I tried to get back (classic T ik). So I used my decent instinct and poor memory to get back to the Airbnb myself. Idk if I’ve ever rambled on this but I hate that in Port Authority, NJ Transit system makes you buy tickets before you get on the bus if you don’t have the app. I literally missed my bus, which only comes in every hour, because I needed to run back down and buy a physical ticket. And also what the hell is the rule that you must have separate tickets for different buses? Ok I get it that buses are operated privately, but NJ Transit can you please step up your game and unite all these buses, integrate a card system, and make our lives easier?

Last thing, I want to say that I think I know what it’s like to be with someone I like again. It’s the feeling that there is electricity going through your entire body and you want to tell the other person everything that’s on your mind. Time would go really fast, too, because all you think about is the other person, as if they were the world that revolves around you. This is something that I really missed after having dated KF for 9 months. Things become routines, which is really comfortable, but at the same time, there is nothing exciting to look forward to. Is this crazy though because do I have a commitment issue, or do I just need to not settle for less in a relationship? For the second point, I mean like trying to be more creative and expecting more creativity from the other person?

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