[2022/06/25] sabotaged all my plans (and a clothing store)

I woke up without an alarm and decided to cancel all my plans for the day. I thought that I would have enough energy to experience more, go to New York, and wander around, but it was hot as hell and I just wanted to stay in. Jk I didn’t stay in – I ran a 5k in less than 40 minutes and went shopping in Rainbows.

I was really broke but Rainbow had discounts… so here we go. They didn’t have fitting rooms, but they had a 7-day return policy, so I just bought whatever I liked, used my Airbnb as the fitting room, and returned stuff I didn’t want. Returning items was a long process and I’m pretty sure whoever worked there must hated me to their guts. Why? I came back like 3 times and did 4 exchanges within 2 hours. I also accidentally gave them 2-dollar cash, but the cashier was nice enough to give me back the bill. She told me it would mean a lot to someone if you tip them a 2-dollar bill, so ig I can start taking that advice now :-).

KB went to her manager’s party in NY anyway and had a blast. In her words, it was “interesting” and the cops showed up to check-in. I, on the other hand, binge-watch The Office (I’m @ ss5 now) and World’s Most Extraordinary Homes.

Here is the film review that nobody asks for. The Office – Jim and Pam’s LDR reminds me of KF and I because Pam is adjusting to college life in a big city while Jim continues on with his usual work days. They try to update and care for each other; however, things get so overwhelming and busy that often make them feel “off.” We, too, are in different stages of life and it sucks to be far away from each other. Things get inconvenient, timing is never right, and they make us learn to be strong for ourselves. I mean… I get it but then what’s the point of having a partner then?

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