[2022/06/27] Thanos @ work

Felt like Thanos @ work today. First, I missed my 1:1 meeting with the Managing Director of my engagement, which happened at 8.30 AM. It was early, but I had no excuses though, since I accepted to attend this thing last Friday and I should stay committed to it… Then, I sent out some emails and did not check carefully enough, so I missed an unadjusted phase that I copied & pasted from elsewhere. After that, there were a bunch of meetings that I was supposed to attend and they got canceled for various reasons. I felt so bored @ home anticipating meetings and ended up doing nothing… Also V told me to pick a date so we can try Hoa Lo experience when I come back to Vietnam, I messed up the dates and we almost picked the date that I suppose to fly back to the US. 🙂

When I got home, I thought a bit about KF and me. I tried really hard to find ways that he made my life harder, but I just can’t; simply because he always makes my life easier. He adds new layers and experiences to my life; he doesn’t ask me to be crazy about talking to him every day or need any special attention. I wanted to do that myself and I let myself down when I feel like didn’t receive the equivalent amount at certain times. Maybe I should learn to chill on that if I really want to work on this relationship.

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