[2022/06/07] hello again smartwatch, delicious burger and mango dessert in hoboken

So remember when I went to Niagra Falls 3 weeks ago? I forgot my smart watch there; the reception desk noticed it and let me know. All I had to do was create a USPS label and schedule a pick-up from the hotel. However, it was a dramatic process because USPS notified me that they had delivered the package on the 6th, but I couldn’t find anything like that in the mailbox. So I had to send a search request and was thinking of filing a claim to get my money (it was somehow insured – limit to $50). And today, I finally got the package!!!!!!! hooray. super-duper happy. The watch might not be too expensive, but it means a lot to me since it was from my dad.

After my work, which was actually a training webcast, HT, DN, and I went to downtown Hoboken to hang out with UN in Wicked Wolf. Their happy hour was nice – $3 drafts, $3 house mix drink, and $5 selected appetizers – and they made delicious dinner! DN was the most satisfied because she finally got the burger that she was craving the previous days. OOO, then we all walked to Mango Mango for dessert. They had quite a variety of selections and their taro ball herbal jelly thing was just ok, but the Mango pancake, which I believed can also be called Hong Kong Mango Pancake or a pancake wrap with mango and cream inside, was PERFECT. It was soooo good. I wanted to take KF there sometimes to try, I bet he would really like it.

End of the trip, we were supposed to take the bus back home, but NJ’s bus system was very unreliable and bus 22 never seemed to pass the bus stop that we were waiting at, which BTW was suggested by HT, so we got an uber instead. 3 dollars per person and was so much better (and I forgot my umbrella on the Uber)!!!!

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