[2022/06/06] My first day of internship training

My training today was a one-hour webcast at noon, laptop setup, and virtual campus. At the end of the day, I received my assignment for the internship – I will be with the system implementation team, Oracle to be exact. I still have no idea what the modality is like – how much WFH/in-person I will do, will I be traveling to the client’s site… I’m nervous and don’t know what to expect, but I guess I will find out next week!

Then I went to Heights Fitness to work out and sweat. I really didn’t expect it to be that packed, like almost every foot was occupied. At least I still finished my work out and saw M – he did an assessment with me yesterday – a very fun, friendly, and open-minded person.

After my workout, I made some surprisingly delicious pesto pasta with shrimp and talked to my other housemate W. W is an interesting guy. He’s been here for 3 months, working for a company that sends soldiers to the battlefield in Ukraine. So, he basically does all the checking and scanning steps to ensure that the soldiers are good to go. It’s not a dangerous job, but it’s quite heartbreaking and emotional, right? You never know if it’s the last time you meet someone. Despite the nature of his job, W is super smiley and friendly. Like, today, he told me that he paid 15 bucks for an Uber to meet his friend at a university for dinner. He also offered me coffee since he has a Kruger I in his room; of course, I didn’t take it because I don’t drink coffee, but I appreciate that a lot and gave him a handshake as we ended our conversation.

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