[2022/06/08] no longer a laundromat virgin

the title said it. I tried doing my laundry in the laundromat for the first time ever today. I think I did a very good job. First, the other day, I was able to network with the cleaning lady to borrow the shopping cart so I can push heavy bags everywhere. I tested the cart out with my laundry and detergent today – straight up a shoulder-saver! Then, I had to throw my clothes into the washing machine and I picked the smallest one since I didn’t have that many dirty clothes anyway. The machine indicated that the wait was 29 mins, so I decided to maximize my time by running to Stop n Shop to get some ginger and chili flakes to add to my dinner tonight. Aaaaand i made it – a few mins after the machine stopped.

After that, I put my clothes in the dryer. I was super thrilled because this place seemed like they have super-advanced dryers, where it only takes 10 mins for the clothes to dry. Also, I was glad that I didn’t wait to go grocery shopping till then because I wouldn’t have enough time. 10 minutes after, I opened the door…. my clothes were soaking wet. So… wow, that was not a godspeed drying machine at all, I should probably try again 😦 then I paid for another drying cycle and patiently waited on the bench. Another 10 minutes passed; I opened the door again. This time, not at all surprising, that my clothes were still damped. I thought to myself that this was so inefficient because we would have to sit here all day just to check on the machine every 10 minutes. So I wanted to ask the person at the help desk to see if there is any way I can make this machine run for longer. On my way there, I saw people swiping their cards multiple times to add up the minutes. Absolutely mindblowing. You know… so I guess that’s how people really do it. But still, I never ended up trying that because I only needed another 10 minutes for my clothes to completely dry.

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