[2022/06/03] Just moved into my Airbnb in Jersey City!

KF and his dad helped me move today. I felt so touched because KF’s dad insisted on refusing any form of thank-you that I tried to do and he kept saying that he understood because he was an international student once. On the other hand, KF was happy and chatty the whole time. I still couldn’t hug him for too long, since I knew that I would cry (again)… but I did it anyway and stained his shirt. guilty but not guilty heh.

Also didn’t expect my first meal here to be at Burger King. But it happened to be that way since we wanted a quick “dinner” so they could drive back before it got too late.

Enjoy this video of my cozy room after I unpack my stuff! Some fun changes I made include: turning a Walmart box into a nightstand left, turning half of my suitcase into zip-up cloth storage, and converting my other big suitcase into a “table”!

It’s a little funky because I used the panorama mode 😀

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