[2022/06/02] feeling like a mason jar of ice cream

Before I write about today, I want to mention that I scared ED and made him abstain from gummy bears (forever) by showing him a video of how gelatin is made. I personally think that it’s just a series of lab steps on animal tissues, but ig it was too unappetizing for ED. I feel bad and funny at the same time……. but…. I can’t really make ED unseen that :/

Anyway, today was emotional because I think it’s one of my last days being able to meet KF hâm almost every day. We will be somewhat long-distance since my internship is in Hoboken, while everything he does is still in Villanova and around his house. After that, I will be home for another 2 weeks and when I come back, I think he will already be in his new apartment in Allentown. And like I said the other day – Allentown is quite a drive. Thinking about all these made me feel very sad and become weirdly distant from him. I think if I get too close, I won’t be able to hold myself together. Future, no matter how far away, is always a weird topic in our conversations, probably because everything is so uncertain for both of us. We did have a great time today though – we had delicious dinner @Bam Bam and sweet treats in Surreal.

On the other hand, I just finished packing and I am ready to move out tomorrow. Now, I feel exactly like that mason jar up there with several layers of excitement, nervousness, and sadness. Odd combo, but we’ll see how it tastes as time flies.

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