[2022/06/04] scouting my new neighborhood

I woke up without any alarm today at 10!! That’s a huge improvement since I usually wake up naturally at around 8.

So, yesterday I planned out some places that I thought were essential for my life for the next 2 months so that I could check them out during my adventure today. Some tasks that I accomplished include:

  • Signing up for a gym membership
  • Got a card for the laundromat (by cashing $20, I can get $5 extra)
  • Got groceries for the week from Stop n Shop
  • Got water (24 500ml bottles) – carried through 4 blocks from Walgreen. Felt like a true arm day
  • Gave HT his monitor back

Bonus, I got a membership card for Stop n Shop, it’s free and I’ll get discounts for my future purchases yay. I also stopped by Fish Market and saw that they had seafood that is swimming in the tanks – I’m seriously imagining seafood cajun rn. I also found a free public library nearby; they have a photocopy machine, an area to do work, and lots of books. Later today, for dinner, I met up with HT and DN to eat in Saigon Bistro. They make really good pho (super thin beef slices and clear broth) and our flan was on the house; the only con is they sugared their pho.

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