[2022/05/29] 21st birthday trip to Niagra Falls (half marathon day)

My 21st birthday was on May 8, but I didn’t celebrate anything huge on that day; instead, I planned for this trip and for this half marathon yayy

Some highlights of the day:

  • Though we were so dead from yesterday’s night, somehow we still managed to wake up at 6am to prep for the race
  • I finished my half marathon at 2:56:36 and won 1st place in Female 20-24!
  • It was a small race meaning that there wasn’t much diversity, but everyone was very supportive of each other and of me!
  • The course was pretty and the weather was perfect, but if I have to do it all over again, I might get bored (kinda glad that I did half a marathon for this one)
  • My feet are kinda bad now, but at least they didn’t get worse than the injury
  • The hot dog from Country Fair was good
  • Chilli is not the same as hot sauce
  • Naked’s Blue Machine juice was delicious, better when served cold
  • Edinboro was KF dad’s college
  • I am just simply uneducated when it comes to anime kingdom

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