[2022/05/30] 21st birthday trip to Niagra Falls (last day)

I woke up feeling sore and tired as hell, but it was a good tired because I finished my half marathon yesterday yaya. Soooo we would drive back to Villanova and stop by Pittsburg to see HT’s friend, C (and her boyfriend) for lunch. This time we took the Turnpike tolled road so we could cut down 1 hour of traveling

Here are the places that we visited:

  • Tan Lac Vien, Pittsburg
  • Pittsburgh Grandview overlook
  • I got 2 pairs of super cute earrings from Avalon Exchange thrift shop
  • Tsaocaa, Squirrel Hill for bubble tea (don’t get Purple Potato flavor though)
  • Blue Monkey Tea shop, Squirrel Hill
  • SW Randall Toyes & Giftes, Squirrel Hill
  • Lots of service plazas for bathroom breaks

Here are some highlights of the day:

  • I loooove Pittsburg – it’s such a beautiful and modern city
  • We passed through so many tunnels
  • DN told us that if you hold your breath when you pass a tunnel, you can make a wish
  • Grandview overlook – gorgeous view; you could see like 6 bridges from there
  • Tan Lac Vien is DN-approved (rated 7.5). Its pho was not bad (just a little too much fats) and Chao Tom was yummy yummy
  • In Blue Monkey Tea shop, I got 2 types of loose leaf tea, 1 has coconut in it and the other is more flowery. KF got himself blackcurrant tea
  • Black currant used to be banned from the US because they were thought to produce a fungus that could damage pine trees.
  • My lane-changing skill was better but I still scared tf out of KF when I drove
  • DN made super delicious egg noddle with canned tuna dish with miso soup. I put the wrong broth in (sweet and sour), but it was still sooo good (maybe bc I was hungry as well)
  • Sneaky KF ate tofu for me bc I was so full and tried to hide away from me, which I thought was both funny and sweet at the same time
  • I had a good chat with my Ascend team, I’m so proud of them!

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