[2022/05/28] 21st birthday trip to Niagra Falls (day 3)

Our initial plan for day 3 is to have a “beach day” at Presque Isle, Erie. Sadly, it was too cold, so we had to shift gear and decided to hit Cleveland, OH after briefly visiting the isle. Btw, I searched up “isle” and it’s a small island – so it’s an island, just small!

In Erie, we visited the lighthouse and rode around in a sherry. The lighthouse wasn’t super special imo, but it gave us a view from higher up and we got to see how the lights are turned on/off. It’s also very tiny, so to avoid traffic jams, the ticket seller had to schedule people in waves. The sherry… was very fun! I was mad at KF for some silly reasons I can’t even remember why now, so I was in bad mood the majority of the time, but I lowkey really enjoyed the ride and the teamwork effort we put into riding it!

Then we drove for 2 hours to get to Cleveland, OH to get some dinner. However, DN wasn’t hungry yet, so we checked out the Cleveland script sign, where we could get a view of the entire city! We bumped into a photographer (@primelenznfocus), who was taking some photos by himself and we asked if he could take one for us. He organized the whole setup for us – KF get inside the C, DN and I climb on top of the script, and HT on the side – then took some aesthetic pictures; we absolutely love them!

Then it was finally time for dinner! I’m drooling thinking about this dinner rn. We had a seafood boil from Lee Seafood Boil – Uptown (11460 Uptown Ave, Cleveland, OH 44106). We ordered a Deluxe along with 3 other appetizers and a fried Oreo for dessert and it only totaled up to more than $105 for 4 people. The Deluxe has crawfish, shrimps, clams, snow crab legs, potatoes, corns, and sausage and you could pick your spicy level. We pick the baby level, since HT has a low spicy tolerance, and also ordered a medium spice sauce on the side, which was absolutely bombed and good to dip anything in!!!! The waiter was a junior in CWS – he was super chatty, friendly, and accomodating. 100000 times recommending this perfect place for dinner!

A side story, we came across Lee Seafood Boil in a very unexpected way. Long story short, we suppose to try Gusto Seafood and Chicken but they were closed (or out of business) when we arrived. So, I went onto Google Map and type seafood near me, then this place was the top result. I skimmed through its review section and saw lots of positive ratings, so we decided to give it a shot. Best spontaneous decision ever. We finished eating at around 11pm and arrived at Quality Inn at around 1 am 🙂

The only regret for the day is that we couldn’t eat Hong Kong-style bubble waffles in Ball Ball Waffle, OH since they were closed by the time we reached the town. Other than that, today was a perfect day!

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