[2023/02/26] saying ily w/o saying ily

Yesterday, KF called me and asked if I wanted to go to China Town. “Of course not,” I said,” I have so much work to do because I have 3 midterms lining up next week!” So here is what KF did: he drove from Allentown to Villanova, parked his car @ The Commons, and took the train to Chinatown in Philly. He then went to all of our favorite places in Chinatown and get our favorite dishes. Specifically, from Sang Kee, he got me 1/4 of a duck and scallion pancake for himself; from Paris Baguette, he got creamy buns and croquet; from Mochinut, he got 3 flavors of mochinut that we had not tried yet; and from Mr. Wish, he got bubble teas and custard waffles. The reason for many of these dishes was that I had been craving them for a while; he remembered it and got them for me and him so I could focus on my study for the midterms.

For me that was I love you without saying I love you and I appreciate KF for all tiny loves like this every day!

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