[2023/02/25] bun suon chua

DN’s cousin and her friend from Brandeis, Boston came to DN’s house to visit, so DN and HT decided to throw a party. You know VSA’s definition of a party – eating good food and drinking. That’s exactly what we did – DN made bun suon chua and bun dau mam tom from scratch per my request last week. And oh man, I have to tell you that her bun suon chua is one of the best I’ve ever had, even without doc mung. I haven’t had it for a while and my craving was finally satisfied today. I didn’t try her bun dau mam tom much, but I bet it was equally delicious too!

Then, we played cup flipping and truth/dare/drink for drinking games. I thought the cup-flipping game was the most fun, though I wished I was able to drink if only I didn’t drive there. It took me a while to convince KF to join us (he had his drinks in his hands and sat in a corner the whole time). He then practiced some cup-flipping himself and became unbeatable at it… He almost always had it on the first try! Absolutely cr@zy. At the end of the night, this guy actually confessed to me that he figured out the physics behind this game. All he needed was the right angle and the right amount of force. Engineering minds, everyone!

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