[2022/10/29] Hershey park

Morning, KF and I went to eat bagels at the place next to the UPS post office. We didn’t realize that the place was so packed, because why not have a deliciously-made bagel on a Saturday morning? 😀

At 1, I went to Hershey Park with MP and JB. We were so hungry so we started off with a meal from Chick-fil-a. I got a 12-piece chickie nuggies and found my favorite dips – polynesia and siracha hot sauce.

Then, we wait for one and a half hours to try the roller coaster that we thought would take 45 minutes of wait time. It was very worth it actually!!

After that, we went to the Zoo. I remember seeing an armadillo curled up into the corner of his kernel, a pink spoonbill bird, an ocelot, a brown bear, and foxes. There must be a couple more animals, but it was too dark to see and we didn’t want to bother them too much with our flashlights. When we visited the bear, they had an indoor stand that has a variety of animal skins, including bear, ferret, coyote, etc. for people to touch and feel. I was startled that most when I touched the ferret’s skin because it was real (that I know) and they kept its nose and beaded fake eyes on his head, which made me think it was real. Kinda terrifying ngl.

Before we left Hershey park, we played ring tossed, in which JB won a giant chunky koala bear for MP, and we checked out the Kisses tower. We then visited the Hershey store, where I got my Hershey earrings and MP got an apple crisp ice cream sandwich to share. We were 10 mins late for the bus because we got lost in the parking lot, but we had a whale of a time together and were definitely tired towards the end.

I thought then that my night would end early. I was so wrong. BAT invited the gang to her house for a Halloween movie since she had a nice movie room with a projector and a couch. Yes, it was fun hanging out with them, but the movie itself – REC – was so traumatizing and scary. The fact a horror movie has a rating of 7.4 on IMDB already spoke volumes because most movies of this genre usually score below 7 on the same site.

After the movie, I was tired and scared, so I caught an Uber back. The next morning I received a text from them at 7 saying that they hung out all the way till then…

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