[2022/10/28] AcaSPOlooza & the Phillies’ first win!

I have been with Special Olympics since my freshman year, but I have never attended AcaSPOlooza, so I thought that I should go this time or else I will forever miss this opportunity as a Villanova student. It was a wonderful decision because some of the performances were so fun and ear-pleasing! TN and KJ were in Measure Up and they loved that I was able to join as well!

Below are the snippets of the performance of some groups that I had the chance to record. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did! Oh just a fun fact, we have D and C from SpO performing Ready or Not by the Delfonics and Sunlight by Hozier

After the event, KF and I went to Grog for some bar food and drinks. I totally forgot that the Phillies were playing against the Astros that night, but the bar wasn’t too crowded because everyone was going out to Philly. I have never watched a baseball game before; the closest thing that I did was play baseball with Mr. Paul Long at Nguyen Sieu – a super long time ago and we only played by the basic rules. KF taught me a lot. He started from the basics and never got mad when I asked him repetitive questions. The food at Grog, truffle fries, and crab bites – was delicious; drinks were just so so – maybe because the waitress was giving us so much attitude? Ofc as you know, the Phillies won that night 6-5 and we did “the walk” back to campus to release some alcohol. Along the way, KF was telling me the story of the jewelry business and the origin of diamonds in Hong Kong.

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