[2022/07/11] tuna

not Jim Tuna from The Office, but the tuna can that I tried to open today. Long story short, I decided that it was smart to open the can without a can-opener. As you could probably guess, I cut myself pretty deep (i could see the fat tissue) and bled like crazy. But I was calm enough to stop the bleed, sterilize it, and put a band-aid on. I should be good now.

Work today was sluggish. I don’t think anyone is ready to be back after the break. But I had a really fun lunch and coffee break with my co-worker MO – they were much-needed getaways from long meetings. I sometimes wonder if hanging out with people makes me feel biased about this internship, because, though I enjoy building the system and be awed at the progress every day, the work itself is not super exciting. But what’s more fun is all the perks and the meet-ups I have @ work. If that is the case, I’m being cliche again to say that I love the people in EY. I hear that every time people sum up their work-life in EY. Maybe that’s the real case?

KF went to the spa for the first time ever today. He really enjoyed it, he said, and had a great time with his dad and those on his dad’s side. I should not have ruined his day at all, but somehow I still did it. I picked fights, not just once but twice, the first time about hatred and the other about effort. Then, I personally felt a bit more off. Idk… long distance is so hard and discouraging. And it’s so not right to blame the ability to communicate online because that is really the only means to get through this relationship. If that is the reason that comes up every time, it speaks volumes that you’re not trying hard enough. With that being said, I personally have to stop bringing up heavy topics that potentially irritate both of us. I think KF also knows what he needs to do and he is working on it.

So here is to a day of more hope and love. I’m grateful that writing helps me process my thoughts better.

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