[2022/07/13] Party with Purpose 5k

I’m so proud of myself that I finished a 5k in 34:16 along the Hudson River on Hoboken side. My average pace was 9’55”, which was a little slower than my training pace on a treadmill. However, that’s okay because real roads have a lot more friction and resistance.

It was also fun to be with EY team in this race. EY gave us t-shirts and water bottles to celebrate. I took the shirt but not the water bottle, though, because SR from EY help desk gave me one yesterday already. It was a very pleasant surprise to receive such welcoming gift from an EY employee!

After the race, I had Honeygrow with some other employees. Most of them are based in 1MW office, but they came here to do this 5k. It was fun chatting and learning about their paths in the company with enjoying my stir-fry noodles. Some of them were talking about exiting opportunities – it seem like they figured it all out in terms of grad school and the specific industry that they want to be in. Then I thought about JJ and MO – they, on the other hand, want to stick with the industry in the long run and they work very hard for that. So it’s probably good to hear about everyone’s perspectives, but in the end, it’s my own race and my own choices to make. Very much similar to this race – people have different running strategy – some do sprints, the other do a long constant run, but most just try to score their personal best!

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