[2022/06/21] Have you ever met any interesting Uber driver?

Today wasn’t too eventful, except for 1 self-reminder from work that I need to be more concise when I send messages on Teams so as not to bore the audience. Anyway, because of the aforementioned reason, I’m going to recall the times that I met cool Uber drivers.

Like yesterday, for example. My Uber driver Alix is a music lover and a singer at heart. I think Heat Waves was on the radio and I told him to turn up the volume. At first, he somehow thought that I wanted to lower the music all the way down. So, when I clarified what I actually wanted, he was so happy that he started opening up to me about his life.

He loves pop music because it’s fun and catchy. His favorite artist is Lady Gaga, but also Lil Nas, Justin Bieber, and Katy Perry, etc. Then he told me that he wrote songs and posted them on YouTube. You can check them out @ alix achille. He introduced me to his personal favorite Wait for Me, which you can watch below 🙂

Or the other day, from Hoboken to New York, my Uber driver revealed himself as a manga artist. He was actually taking a break from teaching because he felt disconnected from the manga world. Also, he would like to draw more for leisure and to brush up on his skills (no pun intended). I saw his drawings, and I think they are super neat, clean, and colorable. You could see his artwork @bokudragonpro on Instagram. Eventually, he does want to dive deeper into this manga industry, but the barrier is too high to overcome. Still, he is hopeful and passionate. Finger cross that he will succeed one day and I can brag to people that he was my Uber driver once!

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