[2022/06/22] Bittersweet goodbye to my Airbnb housemate

P is leaving tomorrow – back to California with his family. He is a very nice person, as he usually say hi to me and chat with me when I cook in the shared kitchen. I don’t think I know him that much still, but I do remember that he always eats eggs (like at least 3 each time), snacks a lot, has a lot of lowkey famous Russian and Ukrainian friends, and is interested in contents that are similar to LITTLE BIG on YouTube. Well, ig it’s good that I can watch some more of The Office when I cook now, but sad that noone will talk to me in the airbnb house anymore :/

The other key points of the day were my workout and dinner. Actually I felt very tired yesterday, so I didn’t want to cook and only wanted to get some workout done. I eneded up having a tiny workout session – ran 2 miles and did a ton of core. Then I wanted Cơm Tấm, so I went to Saigon Bistro for that. I have to say that their pork chop is top notch. It’s so good that even if I had to wait for 10 mins longer, I would still volunteer to do so! Actually they did mess up my order and I did have to wait while starving, but I really didn’t mind that much. Plus, they kept saying sorry multiple times to me, so I feel very much appreciated and respected.

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