[2022/06/20] VSA reunited in NYC

Today was the first time I have ever been to EY’s 1MW office. Mainly because SG organized a get-together for us interns, and partly because of the VSA dinner in Ktown in the evening. I was so busy @ work today that I barely had time to talk to everyone, but when I did, I found out that everyone was very nice and welcoming. That’s how I knew I was lucky to intern in the right practice @EY! I just felt bad for SG because he was so nervous preparing for this big meeting, but IRL only a few people showed up and the other intern was in Chicago. Lunch, I tried Citizens with my peer buddy L. It wasn’t the best food but I had a wonderful time with her. She was super chill, friendly, and, above all, love badminton. Fun fact, she told me that she learned how to play tennis because she liked badminton, but nobody knew how to.

After work, I met up with LT and we visited The Vessel (20 Hudson Yards, New York, NY 10001). I also accidentally found out that there is a ROYCE Chocolate that’s very close to EY office because someone was holding a bag from that brand passed by us.

In the evening, I had dinner @ Hutaoli (42 W 33rd St, New York, NY 10001) with VSA alumni. This was the first time I saw that many people won the lottery for H1-B visas in the same room. My overall impression is they were easy-going, extroverted, and professional people. It was only awkward because I didn’t know them personally in the first place and had to find ways to talk to them. At least one of them worked in Assurance @ EY, so we had something in common to chat about.

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