[2022/06/19] best juice store in JC

The place is Cali Juice (490 Central Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07307). Long story short, I bumped into my neighbor @ the park where I was running. I knew him because we were walking from the bus stop together really late @ night. We then started walking together and each got juice from the place, then he showed me a park nearby that had a wonderful view. I forgot to note down the name of the park, but it was absolutely lovely – you can sit on the grass and overlook the entire Jersey City, Hoboken, and a part of New York as well. I would love to hang out with him more, but it would be really awkward because he complimented me a lot. I already made clear to him that I am dating KF, but I think it’s best to just keep distance with him. But I have to take a mental note to pay for him if we hang out next time!

Dinner was gà chiên mắm. However, it was eventful as I was drinking with my housemates haha. I just had a Bud Light, but W brought out Whiskey and Dominican hard liquor and the other guy (i should learn his name) had a Corona. We talked about all kinds of stuffs, from the war in Ukrain, to humanitarian topics, to mount Kilmanjaro in Tanzania (where I really want to climb). They are both gonna leave soon because of their jobs and family, so I think I’ll miss their presence in the Airbnb :(.

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