[2022/05/21] yum cha, shooting range, and Septa

KF’s dad wanted to take us to the shooting range. It was gonna be my first time ever 1/holding a real gun and 2/shoot a target. So I was very excited about it. I woke up at 8, wondering why KF never called though he said that we were supposed to leave super early. From 8 to 12, I kept setting my alarm every 30 mins and fall asleep again if I saw no new messages. Turned out, the plan was cut short and we would only go eat dim sum (yum cha in Cantonese) and then shooting range because in the afternoon KF and I had plans to go to J and F’s house in FT.

OK first of all this place, China Gourmet, is the best dim sum place that I’ve eaten at. Their address is 2842 St Vincent St, Philadelphia, PA 19149. Here, the waiters/waitresses push the food carts around and you can pick whatever dishes you want. All the dishes are divided into 3 categories – small, medium, and large with 3 corresponding price levels. Everything was super efficient and the food was so delicious! My personal favorites are the custard buns (which look like chubby pigs), tofu skin with bamboo shoot and ground pork marinated in soy sauce, shrimp rolls, and shrimp shumai. I also discovered that I didn’t like sesame as much as I had always thought because they gave me “bean” feelings.

After yum chaing, we went to the shooting range, which was a 30 min drive away from China Gourmet. KF and his dad were so nice as they prepared me a pair of earmuffs and earplugs so I wouldn’t get scared of the loud gunshots in the range. KF was a pretty good teacher so getting used to the guns and learning how to shoot in general was just ezpz. I tried a revolver, a glock, and his handgun that was usually used for concealed carry. The revolver was hard in a way that I would have to aim a lot lower to hit the right target. The compact handgun was a little hard to control at first but I got used to it after a few shots. So, I prefered the glock more than the other ones since I could aim at the target more precisely and the kick was fun enough. FK’s dad knew my preference so he loaded up a whole full pack of bullets just for me to try haha.

Lastly, I want to complain about Septa. I stg it was so unreliable, especially at nighttime. So I needed to get back to Villanova from FT and that meant going on the blue Frankford line then NSHL. KF traveled with me on the blue line till 69th street, then I needed to go back by myself. We specifically time our departure time so that we could have fun at J and F’s house and I wouldn’t have to wait for too long because they have a gap between the 12-something train and the 2-am train. Then Septa decided to skip that 12-something train and I had to wait for about 1.5 hours and it was not the safest area to be in at that time either. Everyone was so pissed but what were we to do. Lucky for me, KF insisted on accompanying me online until I got back safely. I shared my location with him at all times and lived without music for 30 mins so my phone could survive.

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