[2022/05/22] delicious lunch and adopted new plants

I woke up at 12.20 today panicking because E said he was outside as we were supposed to have a lunch outing at 12.30. He literally had to wait 15 minutes for me to get ready but he was so chill about that haha. He knew I was having a lot of fun in Fishtown and “fun” with Septa. He wanted us to try Azie on Main since it is right by Villanova but I never had a chance to try it and, according to him, they had a wonderful Pan-Asian American brunch. True though – I was so impressed by their buffet menu – lots of varieties and the dishes were well-seasoned. Oh, a glass of mimosa for each person and tea/coffee at the end are also included in the price. Even cooler, Eric gave me a metro card for the public transportation system in NY (and probably in NJ as well). He knew for sure this would become my essential item for my internship!

In the afternoon, Hao, Duong, and I went to the Haverford trail for fun. I had my full hiking gear on and we were having a great time exploring the duck pond, the unpaved trails, and Haverford’s green campus. Hao kept saying that he would be so down to live in Haverford and take classes at Villanova. Duong discovered a fun fact that Hao got more talkative when he was in nature haha. Then we had to run home early because of the rain, but on our way, we found some abandoned plant pots around Haverford dorms and I decided to adopt two baby plants: jelly bean and English lavender. I named the jelly bean plant Lipid because of its fat leaves and KF named the English lavender Lovevendar (Love for short). Wanna know how I discovered the plant type? I downloaded an app called PictureThis and it helped me identify the plant species through the pictures I took. The app is free for the first 7 days and a 1-year plan is 30 bucks. But there is so much more to it – it provides info on how to take care of the plants, detects issues with the plants, and shows appropriate treatment. Hmmm… I might as well just pay for this app – so worth it!

Wow hey – Can you believe it? I am now the mom of 4 baby plants – Baesil, Dragon, Lipid, and Lovevendar!

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