[2023/02/19] weird dreams

For the past few days, I had some odd dreams at night.

Dream 1: I just finished an event in a creepy ancient house, where I saw HL’s mom saying hi to me. I politely waved back and she invited me to lunch nearby. She was so cheerful and exited that I couldn’t refuse her at all. When we went to the food court, I could smell food everywhere. Among them was the smell of Indian foods. Now if you know me, you probably already figured that I am not a big fan of Indian food. This time was not an exception. I really prayed and wished that she didn’t take me there. Sadly, she did. I mumbled that I don’t like Indian food to her, and she asked again what I said, but seeing the excitement in her face, I just had to lie and said that I was hungry and couldn’t wait to eat! I then ate the food, crying… And that’s how I woke up.

Dream 2: My mom urged me to do eye lasik surgery when I was having my midterms because the hospital that we trusted had a 90% discount. I really hesitated to do so because after this surgery I would not be able to use my computers or any electrical devices because it would interfere with my recovery, which was detrimental to my study since everything was stored online then. Disregarding all those concerns and focusing on the price tag, I ended up doing the surgery. My mom then had to print me my study materials and tests every day. She used the printer at her company, so either she forgot to do it or the printer ran out of ink. We also quickly realized that her speed couldn’t keep up with the number of online materials and she had to buy me a printer. Unfortunately, the printer broke within just a few days and my study was a total mess!

Dream 3: When I was studying in my house, I heard a noise in the living room. I walked out and I saw a guy trying to hang himself. I was so scared and shocked, but I somehow managed to tell him to stop. He then got angry and aggressively screamed at me. He said that he drank lots of tranquil pills to get to this state and my action interrupted him terribly. I tried to keep my calm and didn’t say anything. I just wanted to call 911 since I was in a dangerous state. I then tried to excuse myself so I could make a call secretly. However, he found out and he grabbed me. I used the knife on the kitchen counter to cut him in his neck. He bled a little because of this small cut – just enough for me to distract him. Quickly, I called 911. Then, he disappeared, leaving a code behind, which was full of Bs, Ds, 1s, Hs, and Os. I wasn’t sure what it meant, but I knew that I was in big trouble with the law. I made someone bleed and they were in my house?? The only person with a law background that I knew was my sophomore year’s professor. She gladly agreed to talk over text right after I messaged her. Then, I called 911 to explain what happened. Then, I said “Thank you, Take care” in my dream, but I actually also said it out loud. KF heard me and woke me up.

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