[2022/08/31] extraverted day

There are several reasons why today was an extraverted day, which drained a lot of my energy by the time I finally got back “home.”

  • I talked to a lot of people. In class, my teammate and the professor for a group project. Outside of class, more professors and more VSB students as Ascend had a booth in the Bartley Atrium. KJ and I even gave a presentation in the PwC auditorium and we received positive reactions from the crowd. When I said crowd, I was definitely exaggerating because there were only 6 people in the room, all guys. And although I was exhausted by the end of all these conversations, I’m proud of myself for the confidence I had when representing Ascend and talking about my achievements.
  • I was also in panic mode because the event lead wasn’t as active as I was hoping she was and our events faced significant delays. If we continue to go on with this speed, I’m afraid we will hurt our turnout rate badly. At the same time, I didn’t want to overstep her role, so I had to figure that out by consulting my two Ascend women.
  • Also, tons of emails must be sent out by the end of today, so I raced during my CTS work hours to push them all out. Really just doing errands but the very necessary and time-sensitive ones!

Then by the end of the day, my stupid phone decided to act up (again), giving me the floppy green screen. This time it was worse than the time @ KOP, because it was so unstable and unpredictable. It’s really time I got a new phone.

Oh so because my phone was not working, of course I couldn’t set an alarm with it. But I will still have to wake up at 7:15 tomorrow for work, so I desperately needed something to wake me up! Guess what I did – I used my smartwatch and turn on the alarm. This alarm is a bit odd since the only time I could pick was 7 AM and all it will do is vibrate. So I wore the watch to bed, finger cross that I could make it to work just fine the next morning.

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