[2022/05/25] PHISIM Scholarship Day

It was my honor and pleasure to be a PHISIM Scholarship recipient. I actually got this great news in May already, but today I officially received the awards at Philadelphia Technology Leadership Summit. If I could describe the whole experience in three words, they would be awkward, professional, and heartwarming. Awkward because it's been a … Continue reading [2022/05/25] PHISIM Scholarship Day

DIY Gift Idea: a 4×4 Keyboard

For Yen's birthday, Kyle had an idea that we should make Yen a 4x4 keyboard, since she is a comp sci major, and this additional keyboard may come in handy for shortcuts. Kyle did most of the work to build the keyboard then I decorated it. Of course, as usual, Kyle didn't document all his steps, but he told me everything he did, so let's hope that I got this right.

CarMax’s 2021 Analytics Showcase Competition Champion

I am thrilled to announce that our team, Maxximum Effort, won first place in CarMax's Analytics Showcase Competition! In an attempt to find out where CarMax should focus its efforts to increase customer satisfaction, our team analyzed the dataset given and presented key findings and recommendations to CarMax representatives. The experience was a great opportunity for me to … Continue reading CarMax’s 2021 Analytics Showcase Competition Champion