[2023/05/13] KF’s CFS reunion

KF and I went to Church Farm School in the morning to attend its alumni day. The school was founded in the 1900s, with a church and a farm, providing students with agricultural and religious education – hence, the name. Here are some of my favorite moments from the visit:

  • His close friends are physically diverse, yet similar in sense of humor and preferences. They love inappropriate jokes and illegal stories. The kinds that other people would not be able to understand (and would even get mad at), but they cannot stop laughing about!
  • There are many rules that they have to abide. Some are pretty standard, like cleaning up your own mess or checking in regularly. However, there are some that are more particular, like no sweaty sports clothes in the dining hall or only certain hairstyles that are considered “appropriate.” Some black boys were not allowed to have dreadlocks because of this, but that was a while ago, they abandoned this rule now. I think they have to be so strict because they want to teach the boys discipline and at a young age.
  • They have good food at the school. Their most traditional dish is Scrapple, which is a kind of sausage that is made from leftover meat pieces being fried until crispy!
  • I am happy to see that KF is happy around his friends. Big memes people for sure. Hopefuly we’ll get to see them again next time!
  • We went skating around on their long trail. Always enjoy skating with this guy – so much fun!

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