[2023/05/12] Spasso’s salmon pesto cream liguine

Today KF took me and my brother to Spasso in Media for dinner. I have been dreaming about this place for a looong time because I absolutely adore their salmon pesto cream liguine pasta. I actually mentioned it so often that KF thought it was time to finally do it again. Mind you, this place was not the most wallet-friendly. That pasta dish that I loved was at least $25. Today we also ordered a Garlic Focaccia and Spiedini di Mozzarella (fancy term for mozzarella sticks) – not very lactose intolerance friendly, ik. I thought they were quite good – set me up well for the main dish that I had all been waiting for.

Then… come my main dish! Drum roll please…

It was DELICIOUS, just like what I expected! And this time, I actually finished my pasta!!! Good night!

But then in the middle of the night, I threw up a little :/ Not sure what happened there, hopefully it wasn’t food poisoning

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