[2023/05/09] workout buddy

I almost always go to the gym by myself. I don’t always prefer that, but it definitely helps me focus on my exercises and gives me more flexibility. However, today is an exception, as KJ and I made arrangements to go work out together at Davis. I was looking forward to it all day because it was something different from my normal routine. We trained our upper body (biceps, back, and arms). I taught her how to use the assisted pullup/chin-up machine, while she showed me the open-arm machine. KJ told me that she pushed her limit further today thanks to my encouragement, but I would say the same to her too – that I performed better than I usually do myself.

After working out, KJ and I met up with HJ to eat at Yamazaki. The restaurant founder, Darian, is the childhood friend of KF’s cousin. He met KF at KF’s cousin’s wedding. He also knew HJ well because HJ complimented him on his pure fresh non-tap water. What a small world!

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