[2023/05/02] VSB senior celebration + first formal

Today was a fun day for two reasons:

First, my friends and I enjoyed VSB Senior Celebration, hosted by faculty members from the Clay Center. I remember them telling me that they had this planned since the beginning of this year, but they kept moving the dates because they were unsure of the academic calendar. They finally decided on this day, and I thought it was the perfect choice given the nice weather and a fairly good gap between the last classes and final exams. I loved talking to my senior friends and getting their updates. My favorite conversation was with my friend from freshman year (we literally had not talked since). I found out that he is going to be working at a logistics company in New York for his full-time job, and he will be commuting from his home in NJ. I let him know how glad I was that he was graduating with me because I remember him being very homesick during his freshman year. He was touched that I still remembered this little detail, but really it was a huge one since I could totally resonate with his feelings at that time. I guess… We just all grow up and get used to the harsh reality. It’s actually not that depressing, we just get stronger and more independent now hehe!

Second, KJ invited me to her Acapella formal at 9PM. I was so excited because I had never been to a formal before. I wore the red dress that KB gave me a few months ago and tied my hair up. It has been a while since I last wore a bright-red dress, so it felt a little uneasy at first. However, throughout the night, I felt more confident and powerful in it. Hopefully, I will get to wear this red dress again at a different event! The formal was fun – we (I mean KJ, TN, TN’s gf, and I) danced the night away. I was sooo impressed with TN’s dance moves and KJ’s dance skills. I mean… I don’t get to see them dance in classes or at work on a regular basis, right? Anyway, it was a wonderful night. I feel so loved to be invited to this formal by KJ.

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