[2023/05/01] lunch w/ Prof. Metzger

Prof. Metzger was so kind to invite me out to Azie on Main for lunch with her. We talked about developing technical vs. strategic skills for MIS students. She is the kind of professor who teaches us how to read codes and craft visualizations with hands-on tools, while some professors focus on concepts and business decision-making using technical tools. I personally love that I get to take classes from all of these professors, meaning that I was exposed to both the technical and strategic side of MIS. As an aspiring technology consultant, I believe that this complementary set of knowledge has equipped me well for my job. I can’t wait to update Prof. Metzger and my other professors on the statement once I start working!

Toward the end, Prof. Metzger also advised me to never make sacrificing decisions that might make me resent other people (or myself). She probably knows that I am at the crossroad of so many things now and I will soon have to make difficult decisions. I can’t promise her that I will follow her advice because life is unpredictable, but I hope that I will always find a way out even if that happens. Just lots of things to think about today.

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