[2023/04/28] 21pip

Our SingFam had a reunion at 21pip today! We ate good food (I enjoyed their yummy Pip Burgers) and played fun games together. They introduced me to Candy Land (a classic board game that’s like snake ladder) for the first time. Turns out, this game was first invented by schoolteacher Abbott for children with polio (before polio vaccination was invented and the disease was incurable and extremely detrimental). Anyway, besides Candy Land, we also played Ticket to Ride board game. Binti showed us how to since she has played it with her family many many times (they are big into board games). It’s like a strategic/thinking style, so it did hurt my brain towards the end of the night, but I enjoyed it regardless and would like to play it again when I have the chance!

SingFam is always great as we have super talented, motivated, and bright individuals. We enjoy each other’s company and support, so it’s always such a pleasure to spend time with them.

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