[2023/04/25] dining etiquette

My brother and I attended a dining etiquette event today afternoon, taught by Kathleen Byrnes, VP of the Student Life office. Most of what she talked about were illustrated and written on the paper guide, but some were very natural and subtle, like

  • If you’re left-handed, you can use the utensils and leave them wherever most convenient for you
  • When you cut a piece of food, make it tiny, so you can quickly chew and swallow if you need to respond to someone.
  • If you see something on your tablemate’s teeth, you should politely and subtly remind them by showing them the location of that object on the teeth with the cloth napkin when the rest of the table is paying attention to someone else.

I have been to several business occasions and dined in fine dining but I never had the chance to learn these etiquettes, so I am grateful for the opportunities and I hope I will get to practice them more in the near future!

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