[2023/04/23] power blocks

Instead of Davis, I picked Farley Gym as my fitness location today. I had a lot of fun with the rebounder and power blocks. Farley does not have as many machines as Davis, but all their equipment was new and upscale. For example, that rebounder could easily be worth thousands of dollars if bought from a reputable brand. The power blocks, which were not the most efficient to accommodate large groups but save tons of space, are over three hundred bucks. If you opt for regular dumbbells in the gym, you could get a much better price, but obviously, they do not look as nice as these blocks.

KJ was telling me all these gym stories, like some people were breathing super hard with they do machines or it was always so sweaty and crowded. Then, she came to the conclusion that she should set up her own gym. But, man, I don’t think setting up a nice, high-quality is that cost-efficient. I would rather pay a membership fee for a gym!

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