[2023/04/10] Sprintax guide

Did you know that if you make less than 66k a year, you can file taxes for free with the IRS? But actually, that only applies to US residents. As an international student who is still a nonresident alien and is yet to be qualified to be a resident for tax purposes, your only option so far is Sprint Tax.

This year, I was lucky to receive assistance from the International Office for Federal Tax. However, because I was working in two different states, I have to file my own state tax. I found some interesting tips:

  • If you file state tax only, you have to use this link
  • If you have two states, you have to finish up the first state and pay. Then you go back to “State Only” tab > “Federal Filing Info” to choose the second state, finish up this second state and pay again.

In here, after I finished paying taxes for Pennsylvania, I have to come back and change Pennsylvania to New Jersey for my second state tax.

  • For state tax, I get refunded about the same amount as I paid for Federal tax. However, because I had to pay for tax filing with Spintax, I still had a loss.

Total of State Tax filling

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